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First of all, I am beary excited about my own music blog. I watched the movie Baby Driver the other day. Now you’re thinking, this is crazy, music blog starting with the post about movie. Well, I am getting there. The cinemas in my woods are running a bit behind, this is not a new movie, but that’s another story. And it’s a really good movie too, but yet again, another story.

What I was trying to point out was I could instantly relate to Baby’s character as I am the same. You see, he is me, except the fact I’m a bit smaller and quite more hairy, but you get the picture. I always wear earphones. When I drive around in my car, I am always doing the “caraoke”. When everyone else is bored and annoyed in a traffic jam, I am having the time of my life, except when a really bad driving (not mine! we bears are such careful drivers) ruins it.

I am addicted to music, so everything from rock, rap, metal, soundtrack, trance, punk, trip-hop, chill-out, pop, house, classical … goes, as long as the hairy ears like it. Rather than dividing music by genres, I label it “for soul”, “for dancing”, “for a perfect ride”, “for fun”, “for sad times”, “for fun times”, “for be happy now times” and so on. I’ve been collecting songs from various genres for years and now I’ve decided to share my collection and thoughts with the world. I am really looking forward to all the great discussions about music, your thoughts, and suggestions. There has always been great music out there, so let’s share some bear love. I’ll start first. 🙂

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  1. Ok so u want .y music choices I got a few to add email is better to get a fun way to communicate better er or message. Ut I’ll give u one look up and possibly a song named it’s by a guy names cake the song is called never there

  2. I need your understanding I need your love ……so much you tell me that you love me so u tell me that u care. Ut when I need you baby your….. Never there

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