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Why Rockstar songs rock

Rockstar songs - Post Malone, B-Real, Pharrell Williams, Chad Kroeger

While I was binge listening to Post Malone’s rockstar, my fellow bear asked me, what’s up with me and all the Rockstar songs. I realized he was right, because I abused (Yes, I do that to innocent songs and making other residents of the woods crazy) almost all of them.

Who is a rockstar?  It’s a member of group or a solo artist with the luxurious lifestyle, which is all about sex, drugs and rock’n’roll and we all (yes, we bears too, Ted is such a role model, I’m a big fan), in one point in our life, want that, right? It comes with the moneyz and the celebrity status.

I contemplated further about the success of these songs. They’re well known and popular songs, so I am obviously not alone in this opinion. I think the following saying sums up the hype perfectly: “My goldfish listened to this song and now he’s a shark.”  All the listed songs have the same vibe. They make you feel invincible. They make you feel like a rockstar, that’s why they rock. Just some bear thoughts. Anyways, here are my favorite songs with the title “Rockstar”. Hope you enjoy!

1) Post Malone ft. 21 Savage – rockstar

Rockstar is a satirical ode to the rockstar lifestyle by American artist Post Malone. Wiki says rapper, but when I found this GQ article I wasn’t sure anymore. This is safer, you never know when his homies will make that thing go gratatata, I don’t need this shit. I’m already not the most beloved animal in the woods.  

I am not a fan of modern day rap either; I’ve already lost all the interest so I haven’t been really keeping up for quite some time, until I heard this. The single was released last year in September as the lead single from Malone’s upcoming studio album Beerbongs & Bentleys, but hairy ears haven’t picked up the song until January this year.

I was cleaning out my den while the TV was on (yes, we have cable in the woods too, it’s 21st century for god’s sake). Suddenly, a catchy melody got me started to pay attention. I couldn’t believe my fluffy ears, because I hadn’t heard a decent hip-hop song since… I don’t even remember. Eminem’s got some, but he keeps them well hidden, I discovered a few of them years after their first release. On the other hand, he’s willing to share the whiny crap on the radio. Well, rockstar’s melody got me hooked instantly. Listening to the lyrics was impossible. Due to the horrible censorship they don’t make any sense at all. I … rockstar, cop car. 😀 I turned off the TV and head straight to Youtube, now I’m fucking hoes and popping pillies, I even added some bear moves. It’s freaking awesome.


2) Cypress Hill – (Rock) Superstar

The second single from Cypress Hill’s fifth studio album Skull & Bones was originally released as a double A-side with its rap counterpart 18 years ago. Hairy ears were thrilled by the rock version. While others talk about popping pills, hoes and not eating, Cypress Hill took it to another level and exposed the dark and not so glamorous side of this kind of lifestyle. So you want to be a rock superstar?


3) N*E*R*D – Rock Star

American funk rock band N*E*R*D formed by Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo and Shay Haley, released Rock Star as the second single from their debut studio album In Search of… in 2002, two years after Cypress Hill. This one is not so much about the lifestyle, but it rather focuses on the attitude of a rockstar. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not and stay true to yourself, no matter what your lifestyle is. Get off your high horse, do something, don’t hesitate, it’s almost over now. Fucking posers! I love this!


4) Nickelback – Rockstar

I know, I know Nickelback, please bear with me. Canadian rock band released Rockstar as a single from their fifth album All the Right Reasons in 2006. Despite the fact that I don’t like their music, I must admit that this song is catchy and has a lighthearted satire feel to it as it points out desires of a wannabe rockstar craving for, well, sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. I wanna pop my pills from a Pez dispenser and live in hilltop houses, while driving 15 cars. All of them at once!

Did I forget one? What do you think? I would be beary happy if you joined the discussion.


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